In my 34 years of therapy experience, I’ve treated most conditions listed in the DSM and helped clients with almost every life issue: self-esteem issues, PTSD, men’s and women’s issues, relationship issues, and sports psychology are a few of the issues I have helped people with in my long history in the field of psychology.

Our Philosophy

I have devised a system for recovery from abuse, neglect, and trauma that is unlike any other on the planet called the Emotional Genesis Recovery System. I have used this system to help people heal completely from their trauma where they can step forward unburdened by their past. 

About Emotional Genesis Recovery System

In the Emotional Genesis Recovery System, clients learn the beginnings of their emotional state, which results in total life recovery. When people undergo a difficult life situation, whether it’s the death of a close one, or severe trauma, when clients attend one of my seminars or undergo therapy, the Emotional Genesis System helps them regain the life they were meant to have.