Dr. John W. O’Connor, Ph.D:  Creator of The Emotional Genesis Recovery System

For my 33 years as a therapist, I have been successfully using psychodynamic therapy. My approach is eclectic, in that I am well-versed in many different types of therapeutic techniques to create an individualized plan.
No two clients are alike;

therefore I don’t pigeonhole my clients into one type of therapy.

Psychodynamic therapy is appropriate for any person with any issue from all walks of life. Moreover, a majority of the modern types of therapy have their roots in psychodynamic therapy.

In a typical psychodynamic session, clients are able to speak about anything, really. Together, we trace back these issues, thoughts, and feelings to help understand the connection to the unconscious and how it truly drives everything we do. Often, we delve into the past to discover how the client’s personal history drives what they do, think, and feel, even today.

 The Emotional Genesis Recover System streamlines psychodynamic processes, producing real results for willing clients who are ready to work through and let go of the issues that have been hampering their success and happiness throughout their lives.


Freud was right: Depression IS linked to feelings of guilt
MRI brain scans show depressed people respond more strongly to guilt!
First scan that confirms Freud's theories of depression
By Rob Waugh

Published: 15:48 EST, 4 June 2012 | Updated: 01:31 EST, 5 June 2012
Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-2154353/Freud-right-Depression-IS-linked-feelings-guilt.html#ixzz3PyGLPCec